Close up shot of the musician Pink, performing with a microphone and short, blonde hair.
Pink and her hair (source)

I’ve been thinking a lot about Pink’s hair.

My partner is a big fan of Pink, and has been for some time. I’m not too much of a fan, but I definitely appreciate the talent and sheer will of Pink and her career.

As a quick recap, Pink has been performing professionally since at least 1995, and has to date sold roughly 100 million albums worldwide, won multiple Grammy awards and had several hit records. She has toured worldwide, doing incredible acrobatics as part of the stage show. She was given an MTV Music Video Award in 2009 for Artist…

Blackboard with extensive mathematics equations in front of an old desk
Photo by alegri /

At various parts of my life and in various contexts, people have asked “What’s the value of a mathematics degree?”.

Usually there’s some vague answer about “learning how to think logically” and “a math degree opens a lot of doors”. Do I agree with these answers, in my personal experience? Sure. Whatever.

What I have realized over the past few while is that thanks to my mathematics training, I’ve learned two good things and one bad habit.

Good Thing: Improving Drawing Skills

I’m not a very good artist. I’ve never really been into drawing or painting, as a kid or…

Blue and red sunset on a California coast
Sunset at La Jolla Shores, California (Wikipedia Commons)

Approximately one year ago this week, I was listening to a lot of Kanye West. Listening to his music made me feel good, confident, upbeat. Now I only feel sad.

Right around a year ago, I was getting into listening to Kayne’s classic album Graduation, which was released in 2007, which nowadays feels like a century ago. I mostly found myself getting into it since I was trying to listen to more hip-hop, but it was really songs that kept me listening to the album over and over. “Champion” samples Steely Dan’s “Kid Charlemagne”, a wonderful 70s pop song while…

Two fitness balls sitting on a rack in a gym
“Fitness Balls”, Circe Denyer, CC0 License

I feel it’s important to print and keep diaries and personal accounts of the COVID-19 pandemic. Here is mine:

At the beginning of this year, I made two decisions: I planned to go to the gym at least once a week.

Now, in late August, the situation has evolved dramatically. I have not been to a gym in several months and likely will not go for the remainder of the year at least, entirely for my safety and the safety of my family.

To me, the progression of my gym routine from early January to late August is both entirely…

Photo by Natalia Y on Unsplash

This past weekend was Canadian Thanksgiving, so I’ve been thinking about what I’m thankful for.

Over the past year, I’ve achieved some professional success, leaving a great development team for another great team in an customer facing role. This included taking on a remote position based out of San Francisco and truly feeling like I’ve become a tech worker. I’ve had the chance to travel to new and interesting places — for work and for fun. I’ve also been able to see my son grow into a toddler, really seeing him grow into a child with personality and growing as…

Josh Grant

I’m a software professional, and these are my more personal thoughts.

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